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All Cried Out

ACO premiered at the CoLab Factory, as part of the immersive season in spring 2017

All Cried Out is an intimate, interactive immersive encounter. It’s the autobiographical story of the performer’s, (Nigel & Joanna), 6-year struggle to become parents told from their different perspectives: his and hers. Over the course of our time together, you will be put inside our long struggle to become parents.

You will journey through our story with either him or her. That choice is yours.

We want to tell you a story,


We need you to experience our story.

We will lay our story bare for you, we will whisper in your ear, we will talk to you in a crowded room, we will let you rifle through our memories.

We do this because we need you; we need you to be ready, because we need your help.

You need to be prepared to meet us.

She will be calling you in or He will be calling you out. 

We need you to be ready

Some of this will be hard to hear,                                                          

Some of this will be hard to take,

Come because you might just help us change our fate………………….

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