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Founded by Joanna in 2005, Vertical Exchange. (VEX) is a performance collective. Joanna Bucknall, Nigel Tuttle  and Kirsty Mills are the core members but we collaborate with a range of different artists, makers and practitioners depending on the project.

We employ live art, duration, immersive and on-on-one strategies to provoke, challenge and engage audiences. VEX make work that aims to explore the contemporary experience and all the intricate moments that our lives present. Our aim is to produce performance work that involves its audiences at a fundamental level. By employing experimental and compelling performance devices we offer audiences a truly participative experience. We make performance work that engages audience in the reflection of self and identity in innovative and interactive ways.


We create events that present the audience with immersive environments in which they can participate with agency and efficacy. We are a live art collective and are interested in the way in which performance can be employed to reframe the everyday and the mundane to generate new perspectives on our contemporary experience. Our approach to the making of performance comes out of the lineage of Happenings and Fluxus and so we employ a task-based dramaturgy in out methodology. We use the poetics of everyday action, tasks rules and games to create our performance work. Life is our found material and people are our resource.




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